"If someone is looking to cast The Neil Patrick Harris Story, you've just found your man"

-Michael Glitz, The Huffington Post

The Book of Mormon - National Tour

“PJ Adzima has a break-out supporting turn as Elder McKinley.” -Maria Sciullo, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"PJ Adzima is also memorable as Elder McKinley, the tap-dancing missionary struggling with almost manic zeal to suppress his homosexual urges."
–Pam Kragen, San Diego Tribune

"And PJ Adzima is a riot as the so very "NOT gay" leader of the missionaries Elder McKinley and manages to steal most scenes he's in." 
–Jay Irwin, Broadway World Seattle

"The wonderful PJ Adzima as Elder McKinley, who
looks like a teen in a 1950s instructional film about
the importance of good hygiene
–Rob Thomas, The Capital Times

Volleygirls - NYMF (Winner Best of Fest, Most Promising New Musical) 

The no. 1 reason to see Volleygirls: “You’re Beautiful When You Play” PJ Adzima plays Xavier, the drop-jawed, overeager student announcer for the “Volleygirls,” as he calls them. With brutal earnestness and an all-American naivete that echoes a young Rory O’Malley, Adzima bounces around the stage not as an annoyance (as could easily happen with this part), but as a genuine champion of the fledgling team… For a performer of such boyishness (which he also uses to his comedic advantage), Adzima in this moment oddly becomes a strong man who is able to support this girl in her struggle for security within herself. Adzima oozes charm with a complete lack of opportunism.
-Stage Rush.com Jesse North


1001 Nights: A Love Story About Loving Stories
- Atlantic Theatre Company


"A younger Neil Patrick Harris"
-Laurel Graeber, The New York Times

The Bacchae - La Mama Experimental Theatre Club

"PJ Adzima, who played King Pentheus, is the bright light and shining star of this production. Charismatic, confident and bold. . . Mr. Adzima is a talented, charismatic actor with a great future in the theatre. I was inspired by his performance."
-Dr. Tom Stevens, Rising Action.com

"PJ Adzima as Pentheus was amazing. . . He shone through the fog like a ray of spectacular sunshine. He was able to find wit, charm, fun and precocity. . . 
Adzima needs more stage time."
-Thomas Burns Scully, OnStageBlog.com

Very Bad Words - NYC Fringe 

"The standout is PJ Adzima, who is so charming as Will you almost forget that the character is a racist, homophobic misogynist sociopath."
-Taylor Shann, NYTheatre.com
"Adzima is a natural, performing with great depth, from high comedy to intense dramatic. He was definitely the standout of the bunch."
-Michael Block, Theater In The Now.com
"Tireless" -Andy Webster, The New York Times

Hamlet - Hampshire Shakespeare Company

"A tight, taut Hamlet that featured a thrilling, pyrotechnic performance in the title role. PJ Adzima brought not only an adolescent vigor that made the prince's "antic disposition" both entertaining and scary, but also an incandescent intelligence that gave the set-piece soliloquies energy and depth. Watch out for this young man—he's a star in the making."
-Chris Roman, Valley Advocate